Friday, September 17, 2010

Msn Error Code 80004005

How to Fix sign-in error 80004005 for Windows Live Messenger.

If you are encountering this error when signing in, please install the latest version of Windows Live Messenger from
After installation, verify that you have the version 8.0.0812. If you are still experiencing the issue, pelase contact Messenger Support at and choose Windows Live Messenger
Updated (16.11.2006):
"Signing in to .NET Messenger Service failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later 0x80004005"
The Microsoft .NET Passport account is blocked by the .NET Messenger Service because the computer may be running a third-party (non-Microsoft) program that is not licensed by Microsoft. This is a violation of the MSN Messenger Terms of Use. This error was originally created by MSN Messenger maintanence procedures. They were probably interested in stopping people from using third party add-on's thay may have a detrimental affect on their service.
To fix the issue you have to request that your email address be unblocked from MSN Messenger. This is a one time deal and you can only be un-blocked from the messenger service once so make sure that you have removed any offending software add-on's before asking
You can either contact msn if you have a paying msn account 1-800-635-7019 or go to for non paying customers and request that the account be unblocked.

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